Cornish BFA Expo Branding

I led the creative direction for the branding for Cornish College of the Arts' 2016 BFA Expo. The BFA Expo showcases senior thesis work from graduating seniors from Art and Design departments. I wanted to capture the spirit and work of 2016's graduating class. What I found common among the class was our flexibility, our experimentation, and our originality. I wanted the type to be just that; flexible, experimental, and above all, original. Using tertiary colors to create a spring tone, I made large cylinder-like shapes, which we called 'worms'. I experimented with the shape of type and how it interacted with the background and the worms. What you see in each application is a slight variation on how the type and graphic interact. The main poster was put up all over the Seattle-Tacoma area and was printed in Seattle's The Stranger, and Seattle Weekly. I created and applied a window decal that would interact with a large print of the worms that was placed on the inside of the window with magnets. I designed and submitted a transparent geofilter to Snapchat that was made accessible to users on the days of the Expo showings. The photo on the left is the filter without a background, and the photo on the right is a bad selfie I took with the filter being used. Last, we designed a Selfie/Photo Wall that utilized the same type treatment and worms as the other materials. The Selfie Wall was printed at 8'x5' and hung in the exhibit space.